To Eden..

I am 36 weeks, 5 days and TIRED. Being a FTM (first time mom) definitely had its challenges but I would not change it for the world. I absolutely love to feel her move around and karate kick my bladder. I love when she gets an attitude when she's hungry (she gets that from me!). 

At 23, I finally realized what love is because I am married to the most wonderful man on the planet but loving a child is a completely different experience. I have grown into my mama bear mode and becoming more protective. I am willing to do any and everything for her. We've prayed for her and are beyond excited to meet her. 

On Sunday, we put her crib together and I was filled with so much joy and warmth. Our baby girl is on her way! It definitely feels like I have been pregnant forever but it is worth it. I struggled with the idea of being a mom (I'll leave that for another day) but during this experience, I am more than grateful that God chose me.

So baby girl, here is my vow to you:


Life really comes at you fast. The emotional roller coaster that you go through is something the next person will never understand.
We may go through something similar but never experience it the same.
But I made it. I’m young but I had to grow up quickly and to know I’ll have to be an example to you growing inside of me is something I take seriously.
This is my promise to you.
I promise to always keep God first.
I promise to always love daddy through everything and anything.
I promise to love myself so I can show you what it means to be a black woman.
I promise to be there for you.
I promise to wipe your tears away.
I promise to protect you from your fears.
I promise to love you.
I promise to discipline you when needed.
I promise to support your dreams.
I promise to help you grow in God.
I promise to be the mother you’ve always wanted.
 This may sound selfish but I finally have the chance to do the things I never got to do when I was younger. Being a younger sibling, I felt like I was always overlooked. I felt like my voice was never heard. Not with you. I will always make sure that I hear you.
There are going to be days where you can’t stand me.
But I won't turn you away.
There are going to be days where you want to be around me all time.
I’ll cherish them forever.
I know you will grow up and be the woman God created you to be and I have accepted that.
I do not wish to control you or your life. I am here to guide you and support you.
Never forget the teachings daddy and I will teach you.
Keep in touch even when you have kids of your own.
Know that we will ALWAYS be your parents.
And will love you until the end of time.
With love, Mommy.