Will It Ever End?

I can’t believe it happened again. At this point, I am desensitized to what’s going on because it happens to often. I think to myself, why us? We are we the targets? Why do we have to be the ones scared for our lives? 

I don’t want the news anymore because I’m tired of seeing people who look like me dying.  

I am tired.  

I am sad. 

I am angry.  

I am scared.  

Seeing their names hurt. It hurts my soul because another trigger happy person got away. 

We just want to live our lives in peace.  

We don’t want to wake up every day praying we’re next. 

We don’t want to be another hashtag.  

If we’re not dying, our little black boys and girls are missing. 

God blessed my family with a beautiful little girl and I still have to give her the “speech” of when she’s would eventually interact with the police.  

Our blood has shed enough for this country.  

It has dripped with sweat and tears to help this country grow into what it is today. 

Every tree, building, flower or house is the grave of our ancestors. 

We are not asking for much. 

Just please…

Stop killing us.