Found… at IHOP?

Some of y’all are probably upset with me and I understand. I left you all hanging like a struggle ponytail. My apologies.

Let me further explain what happened in my last post.

I was broken in every sense of the word. I didn’t feel worthy to even say Gods name. I felt that He hated me. You know the moment when you get all dressed up and go out with your girls/boys then once you reach the club you realized you forgot you wallet. But somehow you got in for the free but the bouncer eventually found you and kicked you and you can see your friends turning up? And there’s NOTHING you can do about it? Yea, exactly.

I was no longer welcomed in Gods presence. But that’s far from the case. That’s when God urged me to be closer to Him even more. I worked up the courage to give up that part of my life. To stop praying and let God handle things on His own time. It was really hard because I wanted things to work out with guy 1 and 2. God was preparing me for a love that only He could ever give me.

While my Adam was still sleeping, I was being transformed. From August until October, God took me on a life-changing journey. I was sick and tired of being lukewarm. I wanted to be hot, on fire for His kingdom. I reached a level of peace. God loves me and that’s the only thing that mattered to me. I wanted to be so wrapped up in God that the person God has for me needed to go through my Father to even blink an eye at me. Sure I slipped up sometimes (Romans 8:23-24) but God was still with me. I was finally happy.

Then October 16 2016 rolled around (Keep in mind, I swore off boys. This is a very important part to the story)

I am part of the illustrious organization of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Inc ( eee-yip!) and that weekend we had a conference in Buffalo. That Sunday after church we went to IHOP. And when I tell y’all I was hungry, listen!!! A small girl like me needs her nutrients. My sorority sisters and I were sitting with a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., having a blast.

My Adam finally woke up. He walked in with so much swag. He had a suit y’all. A freaking SUIT. I did a quick glance over and went back to my menu. Now for those who know me, I am a shy individual and don’t really speak to people I don’t know. There was just something about him and I was drawn to that. But I didn’t say anything. My hunger was more important at that moment. He introduced himself as B and we all eventually got our orders and talked for hitting the road back to Canada

Another fun fact about me is that I love Kappas, especially old heads (a person who’s been in their organization 5 years or more). He was initiated Fall 10 and it was golden. The older the better! We hit it off immediately. I flirted with him here and there but I didn’t think it would go anywhere. God had all the answers.

I didn’t know B would be the one because I was so focused on getting my chicken and waffles. As cliché as this sound, the rest was really history. Every day since he and I talked from morning until night.

He literally IS everything I want. God was preparing me for him. I can assure you if I still carried all that baggage, we wouldn’t be together. (Officially together October 31st )

Though he is patient, a man can only handle so much. We worked through the leftovers together. And the fact that he’s STILL here with my crazy and goofy self, let’s me know he’s in for the long haul.

You can’t fake a love like that. It is really all God that brought us together. Like any couple, we have our days but we keep God first. We’ll always win. Heck, one of these days I’ll let him tell his part of the story (lol)

I wanted to make this clear to all of you; I do not have the answers to everything. I am only speaking from experience of 22 years of life. When God speaks, I listen. That simple. I will pray that you seek God first for wisdom in every aspect in your life. His word will always be true.

With love,