Beyond Triumphant

I wanted to tell you all about my testimony and how God pulled me through the toughest time of my life.

On March 2nd 2017, I officially received my diploma. I honestly thought I would cry but instead I was extremely happy. I couldn’t stop smiling because I actually achieved one of my goals.

It definitely wasn’t easy.

There were many months of crying, depression, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts.

This journey started during my third year of university when I decided to live on residence for school. I was going through a lot and wanted some space from my family. My mental state was rapidly crashing and the only thing I knew how to do was get out.

After a few weeks on residence, I found out that the church on campus (Campus Rush) had a shuttle bus that goes to their main church on Sundays. At that time, I stopped going to the same church as my parents because my spirit was null and void.

Even though I loved the church I was going to, my relationship with God wasn’t where I wanted it to be. I was still letting the enemy have a spare key into my life.

My grades were terrible, I couldn’t afford to eat most nights, my job wasn’t giving me hours, and everything was going wrong. I was so stressed out that even at the end of the semester, I missed an exam.

When my parents finally moved into their new home, I had to figure out what to do. I couldn’t transfer to the university in that city because my program wasn’t available. But I also couldn’t afford to find a place with the hours my job was giving me, after weeks of looking for jobs, I decided to just move back home for the summer and cross that bridge later.

I started working in May and still didn’t get that many hours. I was really starting to worry but little did I know God was working it out for me.

June rolls around and I have to apply for my last year of university. I got an email saying that I cant until I pay $7000 of residence fees of that semester. I was in complete shock. All this time I thought financial aide covered my fees and now to find out that there’s a possibility I can’t even register for classes? The last thing on my mind was prayer. I cried every single day because members of my family were pretty much blaming for me what happened and were not making the situation better.

I contacted the school and explained to them my situation. Weeks of emails going back and forth, and finally we came to a conclusion. I had to pay at least $1000 and financial will cover the rest. That is so much better than the original price but where in the world was I going to find $1000 dollars? The only money I had, I used to go back to school and retake the exam that I missed. I could barely pay my own phone bill. At this moment, I knew prayer was the only way to go. Every day I prayed that if God allowed me to register for classes, I will testify about His grace. And that is exactly what I did. I was able to get the money and registered the day before classes started.

The struggle doesn’t stop here.

I went through the entire year as normal, going to class and work. Everything seemed normal to me. But second semester was the toughest. I went to class a little less and was just over it. I knew in my heart id graduate so why try any harder? I had a plan that I would move back to the States after graduating in June and start my career. No big deal.

I am 100% sure God laughed at my plans because he knew it didn’t align with his so there was no way that it would work.

So after the semester ended and finals were over, I was patiently waiting to get my grades back. I found out that I failed a class that I needed to graduate. That was such a big blow because I’ve never failed a class before. Ever. I blamed God. I thought he didn’t want me to move back to the states and live my life. Looking back on this now, I’m glad he didn’t because I was being extremely selfish and not doing things for His kingdom. A few months passed, I spoke to my parents about my class, cried every day but eventually accepted the fact that I have to stay for one more semester.

You would think the story would get better after this but it doesn’t.

In August I ended up losing my job so there was a lot of things I couldn’t afford. It was honestly by the grace of God that I made it through that semester.

I am an official Carleton University Alumna!

I just want to thank and glorify God for the trials he has brought me through. My relationship with him is much stronger and I know he will continue to open up the heavens with many blessings.

I hope my testimony touches your heart.

God never said the journey would be easy, he said he would always be there.

If you are still in school, don’t give up!

Take your time because it doesn’t matter when you graduate as long as you do anyways.


With much love,