I debated for hours last night if I should even post this but then I realize someone needs to hear this. God placed this on my heart and in turn, I need to post it. #whenGodspeaksIlisten

I really don’t think the enemy knows when to give up so he continues to attack any chance that he can get. You get to a point where you’re aligned with God and then something happens that throws you off. And now you’re stuck.

I apologize if my thoughts seem out place and nothing makes sense but I am sick and tired of the enemy trying myself or people I love. This may feel like a rant and maybe it is but I don’t where to start.

I want to be as transparent as possible. That is the promise I made to God, to you all and myself.

This journey isn’t all peaches and cream. It gets tough.

There are moments you want to give up and let the devil win.

There are times you even question if God heard your prayers.

We are human and experience these things.

We are all like the children of Israel. One moment we love God and obey his commands and the next were worshiping idols.

We know the Bible inside and out. We know how to attack and defeat the enemy but why do we get stuck sometimes?

Honestly, because life is just hard. I’m not here to make excuses but that is just my reality. I’ve heard many times that a Christian should not be depressed or sad and I think that’s not fair.

Many of us deal with various levels of depression and anxiety, and sometimes praying is not enough.

It’s beyond frustrating and you want to know what is wrong with you and why you’re having these feelings because God has brought you so far.

You are entitled to how you feel. God hears your cries and prayers. Don’t ever feel like you’re not holy or Christian enough.

We know the kind of God we serve. He will bring us out any and everything, so long as we cry out to him.

It doesn’t have to be a long prayer. A simple “ God, I cant do this” is more than enough.

I love you. You’re not alone.

Keep pushing and don’t give up the fight.

With love,