Hiding in the Shadows

I find it interesting that God can give a person a revelation no matter where they are.

As I’m riding the bus to do a CPR course, I realized that I didn’t make the time to actually have my quiet time with God. Only said a quick prayer in the shower, got dressed and walked out the door. But I was able to text, go on social media. Smh, I’m still working on that. 

God decided to grab my attention anyways because he knows how much you and I need this word. 
The passage is based on John 1:41-42 and the devotion explains how Andrew was such a pivotal part in Peters story. 

In verse 41, it clearly states that Andrew told his brother FIRST that they found the Messiah. If he hadn’t done that, peter wouldn’t have gotten saved and be a well known person in the bible. 
So why don’t we know more about Andrew or any other “less important” people in the bible? 

I believe God did it that way on purpose. He wants us to look deeply in the word to find these people and relate to their story. 

Andrew’s gift was that he always brought people to Jesus no matter where they were. 

We all have the desire to be like Moses, peter, Simon, some of us are even Judas (let’s be honest) and we want to be well known in the world. 

We will do whatever we can to gain attention whether good or bad. 
And I can be honest with myself, with this blog I wanted hundreds of people to follow and be blessed by the word of God. I had a reality check to regain the purpose of why I am writing. This isn’t about me, it’s for the kingdom of God. 

Yet again, I had that feeling of wanting my blog to be more and gaining more recognition. It didn’t sit well with me so I prayed and told God to remove that spirit of selfishness. Because in reality, that’s exactly what it is. I want this to be about him and if I can just reach one person and help them in their spiritual journey, I have done my job. So in having that prayer, God showed me this devotion. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, stylist, customer service rep or a writer, whatever gift God has given you it is for HIS glory. Not ours. 

We are to be salt of the world and bear fruit. If that’s not what we are doing, we are wasting our gifts. 
God will elevate you when the time is right and even then, you might not get the recognition YOU want. 

But that doesn’t matter. God knows and he’s pleased. 

As long as you have the kingdom mentality, none of this will matter.  

This is something we all struggle with, believer or not. 

Continue to ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and you’ll be amazed how much peace you will receive. 

With love,