The Real Glo' Up

It was 530 am and I couldn’t sleep. Normally I pray, read the word and I’m knocked within seconds but tonight is different. I can’t stop thinking about my future and the many changes God has for my life. Sometimes I get a little bit excited about my daydreams because they feel so real. But I know that isn’t my reality (yet). I dream about a new house and this beautiful yellow baby room with a spunky chocolate baby girl in her crib, a spacious kitchen for babe to cook in, our careers sky rocketing, living life happy and in our purpose.  As the month of December comes to an end, I can’t help but think about the roller coaster 2017 provided. But I also can’t help but give God all the praise he deserves.


On December 28th 2016, I wrote in my journal things that I was claiming.

·      Getting my masters

·      Being credit card/debt free

·      Getting a car/own place

·      Walking in my purpose

There’s one thing I didn’t complete on that list but I am still proud of myself. I am currently enrolled in my masters program, I have a place and car, I am married to the most amazing man on this earth, I am a mother, I have a job and I am walking in my purpose by starting a blog. I have been feeling lately that 2018 is not going to be a dry season and honestly, I’m ready for it. When you have been through trials, you come out stronger and wiser. God has taken my family and I through some STUFF but he has also shown us that he still is God and will bless us.


I know the year isn’t over yet and God has so much more in store for my family and I. 

This year, my motto has been Jeremiah 29:11. It has gotten me through my worse days of anxiety and depression. I have learned that I am stronger than I thought. I gave experienced unconditional love by wonderful husband. I learned the true meaning, value and power of prayer. Most of all, I have learned that God is always faithful to those who fear him.

I am excited to see what the New Year will bring. My family and I already have a hectic schedule set up but our cup will overflow. We have been praying for it and we’re ready.


Time and time again God has shown me he wants me to prosper and succeed. He has been there through every season and I wouldn’t be standing if it weren’t for him.

This year I learned quite a few lessons.

1.     God’s timing is always better

2.     He will never give us more than we can bear

3.     Being obedient is the hardest but most rewarding thing ever

We have reached a level of spiritual maturity of expecting instead of hoping because we know God is always on time.

The biggest blessing to come is our beautiful daughter, Eden. She has taught us so much about love, forgiveness, and grace. I know that God will take us on a journey we’ve never experienced before but no weapons will prosper.


I wonder what 2018 verse will be...


The real glo’ up has yet to begin.



Until next time